La Fanciulla del West

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Date2024.12.05 ~ 2024.12.08
TimeWeekdays 19:30, Weekend 15:00
PlaceOpera Theater, Seoul Arts Center
TicketR 150,000 S 120,000 A 90,000 B 60,000 C 40,000 D 20,000 myOpera LIVE 20,000
Viewing Rating For age above 7
Reservation1588-2514 ㅣ Ticket Interpark 1544-1555 SAC 02-580-1300




A romantic Western opera on the 100th commemoration of Puccini's death

A priceless love at the end of a quest for gold

In commemoration of the 100th year since Puccini’s passing, we present , a romantic opera set in the American West. Although lesser known than and , it is a hidden gem of Puccini’s work that stands out for its organic integration of drama and music. While inheriting the tradition of Italian opera, it combines romantic characteristics with jazz and folk music in a modern way. The gentle and charismatic conductor Seok Won Hong will once again lead the orchestra for . Director Nicola Berloffa, who made his Korean debut with the Korea National Opera’s in 2018 and followed it up with




Ramerrez, a notorious bandit, approaches Minnie under the alias Dick Johnson. At first sight of Minnie, he recognizes her as a woman he can trust with his life, and goes to her house to stay the night. The townspeople come to Minnie's house looking for him, but she hides him. After they leave, the sheriff bursts through the door, and the blood dripping from the ceiling reveals that he is with Dick Johnson. Minnie proposes a game of poker, with the condition that if Minnie wins, Dick Johnson will be released, and if the sheriff wins, he will take Minnie as well as Dick Johnson. Minnie cheats and wins the game, and Dick Johnson leaves the house safely. Some time later, the sheriff and his men arrest Ramirez, but at Minnie's plea, the townspeople allow the two to leave together. In the end, they leave to start a new life. 


Conductor Seok Won Hong

Stage Director Nicola Berloffa 

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