Chapter 1 General Provisions Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of this Agreement is to define the rights, duties and responsibilities between the Korea National Opera ((hereinafter referred to as "KNO") and its members in regard to online streaming and other services (hereinafter referred to as "Services") provided by the websites operated by KNO including its homepage and KNO myOpera.


Article 2 (Definition of Terms)

The definitions of terms used in this Agreement are as follows.

1. Member:  It refers to a person who intends to access the Services of KNO and use the services provided by KNO by signing a contract with KNO in accordance with this Agreement.

2. Membership Level: It refers to the classification of KNO membership in order to provide exclusive services.

3. General Member: It refers to a free member to the KNO website for which no registration fee is required.

4. Paid Member: It refers to a member who has paid an annual fee for the KNO myOpera website, which is divided into: "Standard Member" and "Premium Members" depending on the amount of payment.

5. Sponsor: It refers to a member who sponsors KNO, which is divided into the: "Chairman,," "Patron" and' "Affiliate" according to the membership fee and sponsoring amount.

6. Homepage: It refers to the KNO's representative website( designed to introduce KNO and its projects, and for application to education and participation programs.

7. KNO myOpera:: It refers to the online streaming site ( designed to provide on-site live concerts and VOD services.

8. Registration: It refers to an act of filling in the necessary information in the application form provided by KNO and agreeing to this Agreement to conclude the service use contract.

9. ID: It refers to a combination of letters and numbers applied by the member and approved by KNO for member identification and the member's use of Services.

10. Password: It refers to a combination of letters and numbers selected by the user to ensure that the user and web ID matches and to protect confidentiality in communication.

11. Membership Withdrawal: It refers to the member's act of cancelling the service use contract.

12. Terms not defined in this Agreement are defined in separate agreements and provisions for individual services.


Article 3 (Effect and Change of Agreement)

1. KNO shall provide exclusive services to its members on the condition that they agree to this Agreement, if a member agrees to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the KNO'S act of providing Services and the member's act of using the Services shall be based primarily on this Agreement.

2. KNO shall post the contents of this Agreement on the start-up screen of the website for the members' easy understanding.

3. KNO may change this Agreement providing that it does not infringe the relevant laws and regulations such as "Regulation of Standardized Contracts Act (hereinafter referred to as the "Contract Regulation Act")" and "Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection (hereinafter referred to as the "Information and Communications Network Act").

4. If KNO revises this Agreement, it takes effect by notifying the date of application and the reason for the revision in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 2 along with the Existing Agreement. However, in case of amendments to the terms and conditions that are unfavorable to the member, it shall be clearly notified through electronic means such as the member's personal e-mail and a consent window upon login.

5. If a member does not express his/her intention to reject the Agreement revised by the KNO in accordance with the preceding paragraph, despite the fact that KNO has clearly notified that it will be regarded as expressing the intention of consent if the member does not express his/her intention to reject the revised Agreement within 30 days, it is deemed that the member has agreed to the revised Agreement.

6. If the member does not agree to the application of the revised Agreement, KNO shall not apply the contents of the revised Agreement, and in this case, the member may cancel the contract. However, if the member does not agree to the application of the revised Agreement in special circumstances in which the Existing Agreement cannot be applied, KNO may cancel the contract.


Article 4 (Regulations other than Agreement)

1. This Agreement shall be applied together with the terms and conditions along with separate agreements for Services provided by KNO.

2. Details not specified in this Agreement shall be based on the Electronic Communication Fundamental Law, Telecommunications Business Act, Regulations of Korea Information Communications Ethics Committee, Information and Communication Code of Ethics, Computer Program Protection Act, and other related laws and regulations.


Chapter 2 Service Provision, Member Benefits and Service Use Article 5 (Membership Levels, Annual Fee, Expiration Date, Subscription)

The membership levels, annual fee, and expiration date of KNO are as follows. 

Chairman (Affiliate): Registration Fee KRW 10 million, Annual Fee KRW 2 million / Valid for 1 year 

B. Parton (Sponsoring Member): Annual Fee KRW 2 million) / Valid for 1 year

Affiliate (Sponsoring Member): Annual Fee KRW 1 million) / Valid for 1 year

Premium (Paid Member): Annual Fee KRW 99,000 (including VAT) / Valid for 1 year. 

Standard (Paid Member): Annual Fee KRW 33,000 (including VAT) / Valid for 1 year.

1. KNO does not issue membership cards.

2. Members can refer to the membership benefits on the Sign Up page.


Article 6 (Refund)

1. In principle, the membership fee and annual fee of Sponsor members are not refundable.
2. Paid members (Premium/Standard) may apply for a refund on 'KNO myOpera > My Page > Membership Status' only if there is no viewing record within 7 days from the payment date.
3. It is possible for General members to apply for a refund about individual VOD if there is no viewing record within 7 days from the payment date, but a refund may not be possible if there is a viewing record or if it has been 7 days since the payment date.  
4. General members may apply for a refund about individual Live Streaming Service before the services begin, but refund may not be possible if there are reasons as follows.
   A. When the Live Streaming Service begins(watching a replay service after the concerts is recommended)
   B. When there is a viewing record
   C. When there is a problem with videos or sound due to the user's internet environment.
   D. In the event of unavoidable circumstances(natural disasters, wars, riots, terrorism, hacking, equipment breakdown etc.), the KNO is not responsible for tangible, intangible damage caused by the suspension of services.​


Article 7 (Device Policy)

Members can access the KNO myOpera online streaming services (LIVE and VOD) on up to two devices simultaneously.


Article 8 (Payment Methods)

1. KNO shall provide a payment service to members through Toss Payments, an electronic billing and payment system provider.

2. Certain payment methods may be added or service provision may be suspended depending on the circumstances of KNO.


Article 9 (Formation of Service Use Contract)

1. The service use contract is formed when a person who wants to become a member agrees to the contents of this Agreement online, then apply for a membership by filling in details in the application form, and finally KNO approves that application.

2. KNO may not approve or may cancel the service use contract afterwards for applications that falls under any of the following subparagraphs.

A. When an application is made in the name of another person

B. When the contents of an application for the service use contract are falsely entered

C. When an application is made for the purpose of hindering the well-being, order or morals of society

D. When an applicant Interferes with other member's use of KNO's services or steals his/her information. When an applicant uses KNO's website to conduct an act prohibited by the laws and regulations of this Agreement

E. When an applicant uses KNO's website for the purpose of slander or insulting others

F. When any other application requirements set by KNO are not satisfied. When an applicant violates the policy direction pursued by KNO

G. When a child under the age of 14 does not obtain the consent of a legal representative

3. KNO may withhold the approval of the application until the issue is resolved in the following circumstances. However, if the application for membership is reserved, KNO shall notify the applicant of the reservation.

When service-related capacity is insufficient  

B. When there is a technical error,

4. The time of formation of the service use contract is defined as the moment KNO marks the completion of registration in the application process.


Article 10 (Privacy)

KNO shall strive to protect the personal information of its members in accordance with the relevant laws such as the Information and Communications Act. The protection and use of personal information shall be governed by relevant legislations and the privacy policy of KNO.


Article 11 (Information Security)

1. From the moment an applicant completes the registration for KNO's Services, the member is responsible for keeping his/her User ID and Password secure, and the members themselves are responsible for all consequences of using the member's Internet ID and password.

2. In case a member discovers that his/her Internet ID or password has been used illegally, it shall be immediately reported to the KNO. Whether it is reported or not, all responsibility for failure to follow the guidelines of the KNO lies with the members themselves.

3. When there is a risk of leakage of ID and password, of being contrary to social morals, or of being mistaken as the operator of KNO, the use of related ID and password. may be restricted.


Article 12 (Notification)

1. KNO may notify members by e-mail unless otherwise specified in this Agreement.

2. KNO may notify all members by posting on the KNO bulletin board for 7 days or longer.


Article 13 (Service Hours)

1. In principle, Services are available 24 hours a day,365 days a year, unless there is an administrative or technological problem faced by the KNO.

2. Certain days or times set by the KNO due to the need for regular inspections are excluded from the service hours specified in Paragraph 1. In this case, KNO shall notify the member of the reason in advance by the method specified in Article 8, and if there is an unavoidable reason that cannot be notified in advance, KNO may notify the member afterward.


Article 14 (Suspension of Services / Storage and Use of Information)

1. If the contents of the messages stored in or transmitted to the Services are not stored, deleted, or not transmitted or other communication data is lost due to national emergency, service facility failure outside the scope of the management of KNO, or in the case of other force majeure, KNO shall not be responsible for such issues.

2. When the KNO needs to temporarily stop Services to resolve a difficulty and provide normal services, the KNO may stop Services in the manner specified in Article 8 by notifying the members two weeks prior to the service suspension, and KNO shall not be responsible for any failure of a member to recognize the notification. In case of an unavoidable circumstance, the above notification period may be reduced or omitted. In addition, if the contents of the messages stored in or transmitted to the Services are not stored, deleted, or not transmitted or other communication data is lost due to natural disaster or other equivalent force majeure, the KNO shall not be responsible for such issues.

3. In case of a substantial reason, the KNO may temporarily or permanently modify, change, or suspend Services with two weeks' notice in the manner specified in Article 8, and shall not bear any responsibility to the member or third party for such issues.

4. If a member violates the terms of this agreement, the KNO may optionally limit and stop him/her from using its Services.


Article 15 (Exemption of Responsibility)

1. The KNO shall not be responsible for any profit or loss that a member experiences through the Services, or any damages caused by data obtained by the member, and shall not be responsible for any reliability and accuracy of information, data, facts. etc. posted by a member on the Services.

2. The KNO shall not be responsible for any damages to a member caused by the members' actions or negligence in regard to the use of the Services.


Article 16 (Copyright of Posts Submitted to KNO)

1. The rights to the content published by a member on the KNO's bulletin board are reserved by the copyright holder of the content.

2. The KNO shall reserve the right to edit the published contents within the range of not violating the relevant laws and regulations such as copyright law without prior notice, and may delete content that falls into the following categories without notice.

A. If the content violates this Agreement or is deemed to be commercial or illegal, obscene or vulgar B. If the content defames other members, third parties or organizations by slander or libel. If the content is in violation of public order and morals

D. If the content is recognized as being associated with criminal activities

E. If the content violates the copyright of a third party or other rights E. If the content violates other related laws

F. If the content violates the policy direction pursued by the KNO

3. The criminal and civil liability of any Infringement on the copyright of others caused by the content published by the member is borne entirely by the member who published the content.

4. If the KNO intends to use a member's post in a method not specified in paragraph 2, it shall obtain the member's prior consent.

5. If the post published by a member violates related laws such as the Information and Communications Act and  Copyright Act, the right holder may request the suspension or deletion of the post according to the procedure set by the relevant laws, and the KNO shall take measures in accordance with the relevant laws.


Article 17 (Member's Code of Conduct and Service Use Restrictions)

1. If the content of the information provided by a member is proven to be false (e.g. borrowed name, non-real name, etc.), provides reasonable grounds to a suspect that is proven, does not comply with applicable laws and this Agreement, or interferes with the operations of the KNO's Services, the KNO may temporarily or permanently suspend part or all of the member's use of Services, and shall not be held liable for any disadvantages arising from this.

2. All responsibility for information in any form published, transmitted or acquired by a member through the Services lie with the members themselves, and the KNO shall not bear any responsibility.

3. A member shall agree not to engage in any of the following activities through the Services:

A. Stealing someone else's Internet ID, password, and social security number

B. Transmission, publishing, posting, e-mailing or other transmission of content that may be vulgar, obscene,  offensive, threatening, or may infringe on the privacy of others. 

C. Publishing, posting, e-mailing, or sending content that is restricted to be shared by law or contract

D. Publishing, posting, e-mailing, or sending content that infringes on other's patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, and other intellectual property rights

E. Publishing, posting or other transmission of advertisements, promotional materials, junk mails, spam mails, chain letters, or other forms of solicitation that are not approved by the KNO. Collecting or storing personal information of the other users

4. If the KNO determines that a member has violated this Agreement, it may delete all information related to the Services without the consent of the member.


Chapter 3 Duties and Responsibilities Article 18 (Duties of the KNO)

1. The KNO shall not engage in any acts contrary to this Agreement or against public morals, and shall endeavor to provide continuous and stable services.

2. The KNO shall allow the member as soon as his/her membership registration is completed, unless under special circumstance.

3. The KNO shall not disclose or distribute a member's personal information to others without his/her consent. However, this provision shall provide an exception if there is a request from a relevant state agency under related laws.

4. The KNO shall be equipped with a security system to the protect members' personal information ( including credit information ) to ensure that members can safely use the Services, and disclose and comply with the privacy policies.

A. Misuse of another member's Internet ID

B. Activities performed with criminal intent or associated with other criminal activities 

C. Activities harmful to good and laudable customs and other social orders

D. defaming or insulting others

E. Violation of the rights of others, including intellectual property rights. E. Hacking or spreading computer viruses

F. Repeated transmission of certain contents, such as advertising information, against the will of others. Any actions that may interfere or may pose a risk of interfering with the safe operation of the Services

G. Modification or change of information posted on the KNO website

H. Violation of the Telecommunications Business Act, Information and Information Act, and other related laws 

I. Other illegal or unfair activities


Chapter 4 Other Terms & Conditions 

Article 19 (Property Rights)

1. Intellectual property rights and other rights related to the Services provided by the KNO, including necessary software, images, marks, logos, designs, service names, information and trademarks, shall belong to the KNO.

2. Members are not allowed to modify, lend, sell, distribute, reproduce, transfer, re-license, set security right, or commercially use all or part of each property right specified in the preceding paragraph, except when explicitly approved by the KNO, and shall not allow a third party to perform such activities.


Article 20 (Transfer Prohibition)

Members are not allowed to transfer or donate the right to use the Services to others, and shall not provide this as collateral.


Article 21 (Indemnification for Damages)

The KNO shall not be responsible for any damages incurred by a member in connection with the Services provided free of charge, except for criminal acts intentionally committed by the KNO.


Article 22 (Exemption Clauses)

1. The KNO has no obligation to convince or represent any opinions or information expressed on the Services, and shall not approve, oppose, or modify the opinions expressed by a member or a third party. In any event, the KNO shall not be responsible for any loss or harm caused by a member depending on the information contained in the Services.

2. The KNO will not bear any responsibility for product trading or financial transactions between members or third-parties through the medium of Services, and shall not be responsible for the expected benefits related to the use of the Services.


Article 23 (Governing Law and Competent Court)

1. A lawsuit filed between the KNO and a member shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea.

2. If a lawsuit is filed for a dispute arising from the use of Services, the Seoul Central District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court.


Article 24 (Other Terms & Conditions)

Even if the company name of the KNO changes after signing the above membership agreement, the above terms and conditions shall be maintained.


Supplementary Provisions

1. This Agreement is effective from January 15, 2021.

2. Previous agreement implemented from July 1, 2015 shall be replaced by this Agreement.

* The copyright in this Agreement belongs to the KNO, and any unauthorized reproduction, distribution, and other copyright infringement activities are strictly prohibited.