Favorite Interpark Seoul Arts Center myOpera LIVE
Date2024.10.17 ~ 2024.10.20
TimeWeekdays 19:30, Weekend 15:00
PlaceOpera Theater, Seoul Arts Center
TicketR 180,000 S 150,000 A 120,000 B 90,000 C 70,000 D 50,000 myOpera LIVE 20,000
Viewing Rating For age above 13
Reservation1588-2514 ㅣ Ticket Interpark 1544-1555 SAC 02-2280-4114



Korea National Opera’s most expected piece in 2024

‘Romantic Opera’ with Wagner’s infinite affection

Based on a German legend, Wagner wrote the libretto himself and constantly revised it with affection. An attempt to break away from the Italian opera form, it is a bold opera that depicts the conflict between divine love and sensual pleasure. Wagner himself subtitled it a ‘romantic opera’. The production will be directed by Yona Kim, a Korean director who is actively working in Europe. Yona Kim has directed many Wagnerian operas, including , , and



Spending his days in pleasure with the goddess of love, Venus, Tannhäuser descends back into the human world to experience something new and human. He is reunited with his former lover, the chaste Elizabeth. The town holds a singing contest, and Tannhäuser sings about how a man without experience with the goddess cannot speak of love. Having outraged the people, Tannhäuser embarks on a pilgrimage to Rome to ask for forgiveness. Waiting for him, Elizabeth‘s health deteriorates. Upon arriving in Rome, Tannhäuser, unable to find forgiveness, decides to return to Venus. His friend Wolfram begs him not to go to Venus, but to think of Elizabeth, and Tannhäuser wavers. Venus is furious with him for denying her celestial pleasures and disappears, and with the sound of a bell, Tannhäuser is forgiven.


Conductor Philippe Auguin

Stage Director Yona Kim

Set Jan Freese 

Costume Frank Schönwald 

Lighting Damian Chmielarz

Video Benjamin Lüdtke

Assistant director Daniela Kiesewetter


2024. 10. 17, 19

Opera Theater, Seoul Arts Center

Tannhäuser (Ten.) Heiko Börner

Elisabeth (Sop.) Lena Kutzner 

Venus (M.Sop.) Julie Robard-Gendre

Wolfram von Eschenbach (Bar.) Tom Erik Lie

Hermann (Bass) Woongjo Choi

Walter von der Vogelweide (Ten.) 유신희

Biterolf (B.Bar.) Byungkweon Jun

Heinrich der Schreiber (Ten.) Doho Kang

Reinmar von Zweter (Bass) 김현정

2024. 10. 18, 20

Opera Theater, Seoul Arts Center

Tannhäuser (Ten.) Aaron Cawley 

Elisabeth (Sop.) Soo Jin Moon

Venus (M.Sop.) Songmi Yang

Wolfram von Eschenbach (Bar.) Adam Kim

Hermann (Bass) Sung Ha

Walter von der Vogelweide (Ten.) 유신희

Biterolf (B.Bar.) Byungkweon Jun

Heinrich der Schreiber (Ten.) Doho Kang

Reinmar von Zweter (Bass) 김현정

Orchestra Korean National Symphony Orchestra

Chorus The National Chorus of Korea, Noi Opera Chorus

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