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Date2024.05.23 ~ 2024.05.26
TimeWeekdays 19:30, Weekend 15:00
PlaceOpera Theater, Seoul Arts Center
TicketR 150,000 S 120,000 A 90,000 B 60,000 C 40,000 D 20,000 myOpera LIVE 20,000
Viewing Rating For age above 14
Reservation1588-2514 ㅣ Ticket Interpark 1544-1555 SAC 02-580-1300


Cinematic opera on the boundary between reality and dreams

A intricately crafted orchestration of Korngold

An opera composed by Korngold, a music director who led the golden age of American Hollywood. Korngold’s orchestrations dominated Hollywood music at the time, and he won two Oscars for his scores for films such as ‘The Adventures of Robin Hood’ and ‘The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex’. was composed when Korngold was 23 years old, and it has been beloved since its premiere as it deals with death and grief after the First World War. Leading the intense music of will be conductor Lothar Koenigs, former General musik director of the Osnabrück Theater, who is known for his uncompromising approach. The production will be directed by Julien Chavaz, director of the Theater Magdeburg, whose work has been described as ‘as much for the eyes as for the ears’, and will present an extraordinary opera.





​Paul, who recently lost his beloved wife, can’t bear to throw away her things, including her hair, and misses her every day. He’s swayed when he meets Marietta, who resembles his wife but vows never to look at another woman, no matter how much she resembles his late wife. Marietta sees his dead wife as a rival and seduces him with her seductive dancing. He is torn between the past and the present and becomes increasingly unable to distinguish between the two women. Once again, Marietta seduces Paul, and he finds himself falling for it. Feeling guilty, he hallucinates that a procession from a religious festival is pushing its way into the house, and believing Marietta to be the devil, he strangles her with his wife's hair. When Paul wakes up, he sees the room tidy as if nothing had happened, as if he had dreamed it, and decides to leave town.​​



Conductor Lothar Koenigs

Stage Director Julien Chavaz 

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