La Traviata

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Date2021.12.02 ~ 2021.12.05
TimeWeekdays 19:30, Weekend 15:00
PlaceOpera Theater, Seoul Arts Center
TicketR 150,000 S 120,000 A 80,000 B 50,000 C 30,000 D 10,000 myOpera live 20,000
Viewing Rating For age above 8


Composer Giseppe Verdi

Original Work Alexandre Dumas fils 《La Dame aux camélias》

Libretto Francesco Maria Piave


March 6, 1853

Teatro La Fenice​, ​Venezia ​


The dark side of a society manifested by a woman's tragic life

Verdi's masterpiece that touched the hearts of people around the world


KNO will close out 2021 on a high note with , one of the world's most popular operas. Mainly portraying the tragic life of Violetta, the Prima Donna, also depicts fundamental questions and skepticism about the foolish conventions, class gaps, secret and hedonistic upscale lifestyles, and dignity lost amidst empty relationships, as well as the true love of a human being. The arias familiar to our ears such as "Brindisi-Libiamo ne'lieti calici" and "Di Provenza il mar il suol" are equipped with brilliant and beautiful melodies, allowing not only opera enthusiasts, but also audiences who are new to the opera to be absorbed naturally into the play, thereby leading to find their own answers to the questions and wonder that captured Verdi more than 160 years ago.




A party is going on at Violetta's. Gastone, a viscount, introduces Violetta to his friend Alfredo, who seduces Violetta by saying he has long adored her. As Alfredo confesses his love for her, Violetta hands a flower to Alfredo as a gift, asking him to come back when the flower withers. Later Alfredo's father, Germont, comes to see Violetta, and forces this woman of social prominence to break up with his son. Holding back her tears, Violetta leaves her beloved until one day when Alfredo runs across Violetta. Overcome with emotion, he vents his anger on her,  Germont confesses to his son that it was himself that tore the two apart. Alfredo goes to Violetta to ask for her forgiveness, trying to win her love back. However, Violetta has become too ill and eclipsed by the futility of life. ​ 


Conductor Sebastian Lang Lessing

Stage Director Arnaud Bernard

Sets Alessandro Camera

Costumes Carla Ricotti

Lighting Patrick MÉEÜS


Violetta Kim Sung Eun

Alfredo Kim Woo Kyung
Germont Antonio Yang
Flora An Young Joo
Gastone Min Hyun Ki
Barone Seong Seung Min
Marchese d'obigny  Na Kyoung Il
Dottere Grenvill Park Jun Hyuk 
Annina Kim Hyang Eun​

Korean Symphony Orchestra
Winner Opera Chorus



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