Korea National Opera,
To fulfill the noble goal of satisfying people’s appetite for art through opera,
the best performing arts of the mankind

As a major art organization representing Rep. of Korea, the Korea National Opera has been driving the growth in Korean arts and culture for the past 54 years by showcasing high quality operas. Since establishment in 1962, the Korea National Opera has been introducing timeless classics of European heritages and new operas with high artistic qualities to the Korean audiences, and at the same time, developing new talents in Korean original operas that embody the Korean spirit and culture. Over 54 years of our passion had created many miracles along the way, and had contributed to Korea establishing reputation in the field of performing arts. The Korea National Opera, preparing for a higher leap in the next half century, will continue to strive for sustainable growth in Korean arts and culture that people from all over the world can enjoy and sympathize.